Simply Spring Stencil Designs High Quality Reusable Stencils for the DIY Decorator

Our stencils are super versatile and you don't have to purchase expensive materials!  They can be used on walls, fences, fabric, concrete - you name it! Create gorgeous raised designs with simple products like joint compound, mortar or tile grout.  Or use our stencils with paint for a stunning wall stencil!  All of our stencils are durable and reusable.

Plaster Stencil Instructions:

1. Use stencil adhesive or tape your stencil in place.  We chose our Raised Plaster Stencil: Trina Vine 

2. Using a putty knife, apply the product of your choice (tile grout in our case).  You can scrape away the excess for a smooth finished design.  We like more raise and texture with ours.  So we simply smoothed the grout evenly.

3.  Grabbing a corner of the stencil, gently lift and pull the stencil towards you, exposing your gorgeous design.  Clean your stencil over newspaper and never wash off joint compound, mortar or grout in your sink!

4.  This project is an outdoor planter so we painted and sealed the entire piece.